Posted on October 10, 2012 by Rebecca Cass

Welcome to Angel Delivery.


Gone are the days where our most important people are kept close by. Our loved ones are now strewn all over the globe but connections are still strong. We’re privy to the daily ups and downs of the people we love through new means. We learn of the joys, struggles and tragedies of our close friends, family and acquaintances through phone calls, video calls, emails and status updates. So with all of this virtual communication, do we still need the tangible? The answer of course is yes, we do. And nothing is more tangible, more supportive or more thoughtful than a gift of food delivered to your door in a time of need. Angel Delivery brings a beautiful home cooked meal to the people you love. And in that simple gesture, we help you to say a million different things in a million different situations, with the one key message being, ‘I care about you.’

Like we say, if you can be there, be there. If you can't, let us help.

Take care


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