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Recipe - Valentines Day Home-Made Chocolates

Did you know you can make delicious chocolates at home with just an ice-cube tray…?!

This is a really simple and fun way to make a thoughtful home-made Valentine's Day gift for a friend, partner, kiddies or teacher.

Pack them up in a cute box and tie with heart ribbon, to finish the gift off perfectly.

Here are the steps


  • Grab a silicone ice-cube tray. We used a heart shaped one, but there are lots of fun shapes available.
  • Melt your chocolate - we use good quality like Whittakers Dark Chocolate. Put around teaspoon of chocolate in each cube-hole, and use the spoon to spread up the sides (make sure there are no holes), then chill in the fridge until set.
  • Once chilled, fill each shell with a filling of your (or your valentines!) choice - don't fill right to the top. Try Nutella, peanut butter, raspberry jam, or peppermint creme (just mix icing sugar, peppermint essence to taste and a drop or two of water, to make a smooth consistency).
  • Top with more melted chocolate over the filling, make sure it's all sealed without holes or bubbles. Bang the tray on the bench to smooth the top, and chill again.
  • Once they are fully set, pop your choccies out of the ice-cube tray (silicone makes this very easy!) and enjoy with your valentine!

  • Happy Valentine's Day! xo

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