Our Partners

At Angel Delivery, we are all about kindness, love and giving, which is why our partnerships with New Zealand not-for-profit organisations, schools and charities are so important. Find out more about some of these special relationships here...

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

With support from Angel Delivery, the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ is able to offer four hampers a month to people who are struggling with ghastly side effects of treatment.

“They might be feeling sick or exhausted from chemotherapy. They might desperately need a break from the grind of cooking for young children,” says the Foundation’s chief executive, Evangelia Henderson.

“Sometimes, we send an order to a woman whose cancer is incurable and who, sadly, has limited time left.

“Always, the meals are received with enormous gratitude. It’s humbling to think that this gesture means so much to people. It is lovely to be able to do something tangible when words just aren’t enough.

“We are so grateful to Angel Delivery for their ongoing support of our breast cancer community.” 

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