Deluxe New Parents Care Package

Deluxe New Parents Care Package

In the early days with a new baby, there is nothing more helpful than the gift of delicious food. This nourishing package gives love, time and care at the push of a button!

This care package includes; creamy chicken pie (large family size), pumpkin spinach and feta lasagna (large family size) for family dinners. 

For lunches and light meals, we have a selection of four stunning homemade individual meals straight from the Penny's world famous Deli, magnificent with award winning Kapiti artisan bakehouse ciabatta bread.

For the sweet treats a sticky date pudding (large family size), Traditional shortbread, Old fashioned afghan cookies , topped off with Angel Delivery creamy fudge (approx 200g).

And for the new baby, a stunning Pureborn organic cotton baby blanket. This package fills the fridges, tins, and freezer, and gives over a week of love and care for the whole family!  

The most memorable, and appreciated gift you can give any new parents!

Note - For gift vouchers ordered, the packaging and delivery charges cover the hamper itself, as well as the voucher which is couriered with a little gift of Angel Delivery fudge.

Type: Premium

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