Study Fuel

Study Fuel

A loving surprise for a student needing some extra care. A selection of hearty and healthy meals, lunches with a sweet treats for extra comfort. Delivered to University's across New Zealand! 

Study Fuel  $130

  • Beef lasagne - heat and eat, can be portioned into 6 individual dinner/lunch meals or shared amongst the flatmates.
  • Roast vegetable frittata with lime chutney - yum way to get your 5 plus - can be eaten hot or cold
  • Ciabatta bread, almond butter and fresh tomatoes - enough said (best breakfast ever)
  • Home made chocolate afghan biscuits
  • Angel Delivery creamy caramel fudge
  • Refined sugar free Damson plum toffees
  • Fresh pressed apple juice
    As with all Angel Delivery hampers, our meals are made and delivered fresh,  packaged with love and care into stylish hamper boxes with space age technology cooling pads to ensure the meals will reach your loved ones chilled and in perfect condition, every time.

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