To our customers, friends, and family,

Our country is facing an unprecedented crisis, and we stand in full support of the New Zealand government's efforts.

Angel Delivery is a service we know is desperately needed and valued right now. However, until we have explicit approval to deliver food to people's homes, we will not be taking orders. Our nation's health is our number one priority - now and always.

We are waiting to receive formal approval from MPI, and we are hoping that within a matter of days we will be here to help and support you all. Orders already placed will be fulfilled, unless you are notified otherwise by our team.

If you would like to be alerted, please submit your email below - we'll be in touch once we have resumed taking orders. Join us on Instagram for regular updates - @angeldeliverynz.

Take care,
The Angel Delivery Team

Our Angel Family

Behind the scenes, a lot of hard-work and love goes into making sure our Angel Delivery hampers are sent out on time and full of deliciousness. Here's a glimpse into our Angel Family, with some of the team who work at Angel Delivery HQ.

Justine - Commercial Manager

Justine is our Commercial Manager at Angel Delivery. She works at Angel HQ and is in charge of our all day-to-day operations, to keep everything running smoothly, and makes sure all our bills are paid on time. We put Justine on the hot seat with a few questions to get to know her a little better...

  • What is your role at Angel? I'm the Commercial Manager at Angel Delivery.
  • Tell us about your family? I have 3 beautiful children – 19, 17 and 6.
  • What do you love about working at Angel Delivery? I love working with the staff. I think we are an amazing team. All of us have something interesting and unique to offer. I love seeing our ideas put into action.
  • What's your favourite reason for sending an Angel Delivery? When my daughter's friend broke her arm at my daughter's birthday party, I sent a hamper and it was greatly appreciated. I also sent a hamper to my cousin when she was unwell with cancer – it helped her through and took some pressure off.
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? Watch sport.
  • What's your favourite food? Angel Delivery's cottage pie, and Pan Dan's (Lower Hutt) Tofu Rendang.
  • What makes you happy? My children, my family, my friends, sport, good food, laughter, dancing and the odd vodka.

Jo - Operations Manager

Jo is our Operations Manager at Angel HQ. She makes sure all our delicious menu items are in the right place at the right time, and also is at the end of the phone or email with a smile, whenever you need to get in touch with Angel -make sure you say hello next time you call! We asked Jo a few questions to help get to know her...

  • What is your role at Angel, and how long have you worked at Angel? I'm the Operations Manager at Angel, and I've worked here for 3 years.
  • What do you love about working at Angel Delivery? The staff - we work well together and have a lot of fun. I also enjoy reading customer's comments about receiving an Angel Delivery and them being very grateful.
  • What's your favourite reason for sending an Angel Delivery? To take the pressure off thinking about cooking dinner when they are going through a tough time.
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? Travel, movies, reading, hanging out with friends and family.
  • What's your favourite food? Tomatoes on Vogels.

Kim - Head Operation Associate

Kim is one of our fantastic Operation Associates. who helps make sure all our hampers go out looking and tasting amazing, and all orders are packed correctly and accurately. A very important role! We had a chat with Kim to find out a bit more about her and what she gets up to when she's not being an Angel...
  • Tell us a bit about your family? I have a six year old daughter, Mya, and a partner of 22 years, David. I am Canadian and I've lived in Wellington for 20 years. 
  • What do you love about working at Angel Delivery? I love the idea of being part of making someone feel good.
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? Walk, cook, work-out, spend time with my family & friends, being creative...
  • What is your favourite reason for sending an Angel Delivery to someone else? If it's relief, happiness at receiving a gift from a loved one, easing someone's sadness, offering support - the general idea of gifting to a person.
  • What makes you happy? Being a mother, cooking, essential oils (Doterra), decorating, shopping, fulfilling friendships, helping people, baking, giving, exercising, being creative, floristry, nature.
  • What's your favourite food? I love following a ketogenic diet. Low carb eating is my ideal. Fresh salads and good quality protein. Fresh beautiful in-season produce with herbs & spices. Cheese and seed crackers, and I love a good chutney. Kombucha and a good wine!

Rebecca - Founder

Rebecca founded Angel Delivery over ten years ago, and is recognised as one of the early innovators in the food delivery space. Nowadays she spends the majority of her time working in New York, where she still loves being able to send an Angel Delivery when she can't be there herself. We sat down for five minutes with Rebecca to find out more...

  • What is your role at Angel, and how long have you worked here? I've worked for Angel Delivery from day one... Angel Delivery was a little idea I had when working as a nurse in the hospital seeing many families go home from hospital with arms full of dying flowers, and I knew what they really needed was food to welcome them home was food. 
  • Tell us a little bit about your family?  Family is everything to me, and extends beyond the reach of my immediate bloodline - but my two glorious teenagers, Oliver 17 and Emily 15 are the absolute apple of my eye. I had my babes a touch earlier than my friends and family, so my two now make magnificent babysitters to the army of little ones all my friends and family now have.
  • What do you love about working at Angel Delivery? I love everything about Angel - it's a pleasure to work there and be part of the engine that delivers love to so many people. The most special part of being involved in Angel is the writing of peoples messages on the cards that go inside the hampers... Every aspect of Angel is special to me.
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? Because I travel so much for work, in my spare time I like to spend time at my bach in Waikawa, a small beach community south of Levin (its an old rickety bach on the waterfront, with no wifi or washing machine - so all I can do there is relax and enjoy family).
  • What's your favourite reason for sending an Angel Delivery to someone? When someone needs help, or support, and I can't be close to give it myself.
  • What makes you happy? My family make me abundantly happy and filled me with love, I adore New York and Levin
  • What's your favourite food? Nana's ginger loaf with butter, and a hot cup of tea. 

Grace - Social Media Manager

Grace is our Social Media Manager at Angel, and also helps Rebecca with a bit of marketing and other projects. Grace only recently started working with Angel, after moving on from her cupcake bakery business in Wellington. Grace loves being able to help spread our 'food is love' message and communicate with our Angel customers via social media! We sat down for a chat with Grace to find out more...

  • What is your role at Angel Delivery, and how long have you worked here? I'm Angel Delivery's social media manager, and I help with a bit of marketing too. I just started working at Angel in October 2018.
  • Tell us a little bit about your family? I live in Khandallah, with my husband Brad (my university boyfriend!), and our one year old bubba Demi Rose.
  • What do you love about working at Angel Delivery? While my role at Angel is only new, I can already tell it's a really special organisation to work in. Angel is all about kindness and giving, and really helps people out during tough times.
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? I love spending time with my family, reading and going to my Book Club, watching terrible (but amazing!) romantic comedies, and going out for brunch with my friends.
  • What's your favourite reason for sending an Angel Delivery to someone? I think the nicest reason is just when you notice a friend or family member is having a bit of a hard time, even if it's not a big reason or event, and you just send it to let them know you're thinking of them and you're there.
  • What makes you happy? My bubba and hubby, good food, a sneaky glass of bubbles, chocolate - and sometimes dancing around the lounge to a really good song turned up loud!
  • What's your favourite food? I have a major sweet tooth! And a bit of a weakness for salt and vinegar chippies too! Very healthy!