Corporate Gifts With Heart

 Angel Delivery is proud to assist many New Zealand businesses with meaningful and practical gifts for staff, colleagues, and team members. Join our Angel family now!

Sending Care Packages of freshly-prepared meals as gifts is the best way to show true care and appreciation for your team, in a more genuine and thoughtful way than the usual bunch of flowers.

Perfect for team members with new babies, on bereavement leave, or recovering from surgery.

A truly memorable investment in culture, employee experience and loyalty.

Set up an Angel Delivery Corporate Account now and benefit from:

Easy online ordering for the whole team
Monthly payment via invoice
Generous corporate discounts
Personalisation and customised collateral
'Love Loop' rewards points and gifts for you

    We are always here to help customise Care Packages to suit your needs, at your price point, and even include your own branded products or collateral if you wish - contact us to find out more (