Our Food

Food made and delivered with love - it's what we do! We take producing and delivering delicious fresh food very seriously, so operate under the strict guidelines of our Angel Delivery Quality Standard, including a registered Food Safety Programme under the Food Act 2014.

  • Our meals, desserts and other delicious treats are made for families. Each item is suitable for a family of two adults and three children (with leftovers for lunch the next day if the kiddies are small).
  • We pride ourselves on delivering quality, delicious fresh and frozen food. Our frozen meals should not be re-frozen. However, please allow 12 hours in the fridge to defrost before cooking, for consumption before the best before date. (Please check label and cooking instructions on all meals). If you would like to keep your fresh meals to eat at a later date, they can be frozen and stored for up to three months.
  • Our meals are all vacuum-sealed.
  • The food is packaged into family-sized ovenproof dishes that are also usable in the microwave. Once packaged it is sealed to maintain freshness and keep secure and safe as it is transported across the country.
  • Every item comes with a complete list of ingredients, nutritional information, cooking instructions and best before date.
  • Our menu is changed seasonally, with new and exciting items added from a board of fabulous and well known NZ chefs.
  • We love our local community of food providers/producers and strive to use locally sourced seasonal products where possible.

Click here to find out about some of the talented suppliers we work with at Angel Delivery to bring together the best gourmet hampers. 


Angel Delivery's Food Safety Programme 

We operate under our Angel Delivery Quality Standard, and good operating practices, under the 'Food Act 2014, National Programme 2' (Certificate No: 16246-1-18, issued by The Ministry for Primary Industries).

Here is our Verification Certificate, issued under the Food Act 2014, National Programme 2.

Please contact us if you ever have any questions about our food handling procedures.