Recycling Information


Here at Angel Delivery, there is an important balance to strike between making sure our packages arrive safely and chilled (food is delicate and needs carefully thought out packaging!), with minimising the environmental impact of the products we send. We make every effort to make sure as much of our packaging as possible is recyclable or compostable. 


How to recycle our packaging


Once you've finished enjoying your Angel Delivery meals, please re-use what you can and recycle the packaging in your curb-side household recycling as much as possible. Here are some notes on what to do with each element of the package:

  • Delivery box - Angel Delivery care packages are delivered in a recyclable cardboard gift box. Please re-use or recycle the box your Angel Delivery comes in with your curb-side household recycling.
  • Tissue paper - Our Angel Delivery branded paper is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.
  • Foil meal containers - These are recyclable.
  • Plastic soup containers - These are recyclable.
  • Ice-packs - Pop these in the freezer and re-use them as cooling packs for your next picnic. You can also donate them to sports teams or schools to reuse. If you'd prefer not to reuse them, you can empty the gel out, mix with 1tsp of salt (the salt breaks down the gel so it won't block your sink), and rinse down the sink. The bag is soft-plastics recyclable (rinse first). 
  • Wool Liners - Our unique custom wool liners are made from 100% natural sheep wool. The entire wool liner is 100% compostable (wool inner and outer), so you can pop the whole thing straight on your garden when you're done! You can also reuse them for packing food for a picnic or road trip, or for padding when sending items in the post.

Note: The only not recyclable/reusable item in the packaging right now is the plastic that directly surrounds each meal (please dispose of this in your household rubbish). We are working on this too!