A message from our founder

Hi all,

Becs here, founder of Angel Delivery, writing in from the United States. As a global community, we are all facing very uncertain and scary times, and this truly hit home for me over the past few days, as isolation policies are being rolled out here. 

I know New Zealand is not yet facing this level of social confinement, but it may come – we are very aware of what this may mean for the people you love.

Angel Delivery has been helping you connect with and care for your loved ones from afar for over 10 years. We are trusted experts in delivering your care when you can't be close – which right now, goes beyond geographical separation.

We will do everything we can over the coming months to remain open to deliver care packages across the country. So that those of us who (like myself) have vulnerable loved ones who are isolating, are still able to help them by sending nourishing meals to the door, even when we can't be close.

Please be responsible and exercise good health practices.
Take care, look after one another and be kind.

With our love and care,
Rebecca Cass
Founder Angel Delivery

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