Corporate Care: Why it’s Important to Show Appreciation During Easter

Corporate Care: Why it’s Important to Show Appreciation During Easter

For any corporation, Easter is a great time of year to show appreciation for your team. Regardless of religious association, as a leader, you can involve your entire team in Easter celebrations and show them your appreciation, because Easter symbolises a time for seasonal change, renewal, and growth.

One of the best ways to retain business and propel motivation, engagement, and productivity is to show your team members that you value them. Given Easter occurs in April, still early in the year, it’s also a great time to encourage your employees to keep going, and to set up for a fantastic rest of the year.

Let’s look into why showing appreciation around Easter is meaningful.

It Shows You Value Work-Life Balance.

It’s crucial that you recognise your employees outside of work too, and acknowledge they are people. Take the time to ask them what they have planned for the Easter break and then ask them about their weekend upon their return. Mark the occasion of Easter by adding Easter themed decorations around the workplace.

Easter Celebrates Renewal and Resilience.

This symbolic time of year marks the change in season. In the southern hemisphere, the weather will get colder, and the leaves will be falling. It’s the perfect time of year to address any feedback and praise your team for their hard work. Use this time to inspire and energise your team by acknowledging their recent achievements and showering them with treats they can enjoy.

It Shows You Care.

Any team member wants to feel appreciated for their work. They also want to know you care for their efforts. Make sure each one of your team members get a personal acknowledgement. This is a great way to boost individual and team morale, and set a positive, encouraging tone for the rest of the year.


Are you in need of ideas to show your appreciation for your team? Read on!


Bring in some baking, or shout coffee for the team. Have a pizza lunch. Treats can truly make such a difference in a team member’s day and boost everyone’s mood during Easter. It’s also a great way to encourage conversation and team bonding.

Send an Angel Delivery.

If you want to show extra appreciation for a team member or client, this is the perfect idea. Angel Delivery has curated an array of Easter themed packages this year that will bring smiles and warmth to the recipient. These Easter care packages can include hot-cross buns, raspberry jam, family main meals, and more! They can be delivered right to the team member or client’s door nationwide. Choose from a variety of packages and custom options. Nothing says, “I appreciate you” more than a hamper full of fresh, yummy Easter goodies. This is also a great gift option for those with remote teams! Don’t forget that you can add a personalised note to your Angel Delivery at checkout.

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Thank You Notes.

A simple post-it note, or a card left at their desk or workstation, or a quick email is a great way to provide individual praise and appreciation. It shows you acknowledge them, their work, and their efforts.

Easter Egg Hunt.

This is a fun, Easter themed activity the entire team can enjoy. You can easily organise this within the workplace and will provide the team with a break from their work. While it’s a break, this fun activity will encourage team bonding, conversation, and improve mood.

Remind Them How your Business has Positively Impacted the Community.

It’s important your team feels like their work is making a difference. Encourage excitement for their work by reminding them of the positive impact they have on others. This is a great way to boost motivation and help your team members feel appreciated.


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