Expressing Sympathy in a Meaningful Way

Expressing Sympathy and Condolences in a Meaningful Way

Expressing sympathy and condolences is never easy. It can be difficult to know how to go about it in a meaningful and caring way, without touching the already painful wounds of our struggling loved ones.

Learning to express sympathy is an important part of loving someone. We have put together a list of ideas to help you feel less overwhelmed during these difficult times.

Clean their Home.

People experiencing grief can be unlikely to clean their space the way they usually would because of the intense emotions they can be feeling. You can help by cleaning their bathroom and kitchen. Vacuum and dust. With their permission, change and wash their sheets and bedding. Run a load of laundry. Walk their dog. This act of service is a helpful, practical way to show you care and alleviate additional stressors.

Send Meals and Flowers from Angel Delivery.

This delivery service of freshly made meals and locally-sourced flowers is a touching, personal way to show you care, especially if you cannot be with them in person. Our With Sympathy Care Package or Thinking of You Bloom and Treats package are perfect for expressing your sympathy to someone you love with chef-prepared meals to lighten the load, and fresh flowers, with your personal message. You can find them here: and

Encourage Them to Get Outside.

Time can turn into a blur when someone is grieving. They might just need your kind, gentle encouragement, and leadership to take them for a walk in the neighbourhood, or for a coffee at your local cafe. Fresh air and sunshine are important for their healing journey and will show them you care.

Cook for Them.

It can be hard to find the energy to cook for yourself during difficult times. Cook them a nutritious, comforting meal that you know they enjoy. You could even eat with them. If you can’t be with them, you could send them an Angel Delivery care package, which includes ready-to-eat, fresh meals delivered right to their door.

Be a Listening Ear.

If you are in the right head space, taking the time to sit with and listen to your grieving loved one is a kind way to show them meaningful sympathy. Grief can be a lonely journey. They will appreciate you being there for them, and letting them vent, or talk. Letting them share their feelings, and cry in a safe space, is important for decreasing prolonged feelings of depression, and will help them work through their grief.

Do Something Creative with Them.

Painting and crafts can be calming and therapeutic. Bring over some paints and canvasses, knitting needles, or whatever crafty activity you’d like to do, and get stuck in together. Take your time. Quality time, colours, and crafts can both distract them, provide an opportunity for serenity, and remind them that you are there.


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