How to Support Someone Through a Bereavement


How to Support Someone Through a Bereavement

Supporting someone through bereavement can be a delicate and challenging task. During such difficult times, offering a thoughtful gesture can provide comfort and show your care. Traditional flowers are a common sympathy gift, but there are many meaningful alternatives to consider. 
We have popped together a guide on how to support someone through a bereavement, with ideas for sympathy gifts and condolence gifts that go beyond the usual floral arrangements.

1. Understand the Importance of Sympathy and Condolence Gifts

Sympathy gifts and condolence gifts play a crucial role in showing support and offering comfort to those grieving. They show your heartfelt condolences and remind them that they are not alone. While flowers are a traditional and beautiful choice, considering an alternative to flowers for sympathy can be a more personalised and lasting way to express your care.

2. Offer Practical Help

Sometimes the best way to support someone is through practical help. Offer to help with everyday tasks that may feel overwhelming during this time. Some ideas include:

- Meals - Organising a meal delivery service can be such a huge help, during a time when "what's for dinner" is the last thing on their mind. Angel Delivery offers a range of comforting meals that can be sent as a sympathy gift, providing nourishment and one less thing for the bereaved to worry about.
- Chores and errands - Offer to run errands and jobs, such as grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, or helping with household chores like washing and cleaning.
- Childcare - If they have children, offer to babysit or take the kids out for a while to give them some quiet time.

3. Send a Thoughtful Condolence Gift

A well-chosen condolence gift can offer comfort and show that you are thinking of them during such a hard time.

- Comfort Food Baskets: Instead of flowers, consider sending a basket filled with comforting foods. Angel Delivery offers gourmet food baskets that provide a nourishing and thoughtful alternative to flowers for sympathy.
- Memory Books: A beautifully crafted memory book or photo album allows the bereaved to collect and cherish memories of their loved one.
- Personalised Items: Items such as a custom-engraved piece of jewellery, a photo frame with a special picture, or a memorial candle can provide lasting comfort.

4. Offer Emotional Support

Being there emotionally can be just as important as any physical gift. Giving the gift of your time can be the most memorable of all.

- Listen: Sometimes, the most comforting thing you can do is listen. Allow them to express their feelings without judgment or interruption.
- Check-In Regularly: Grief doesn’t end after the funeral. Continue to check in on them regularly to see how they’re coping, even weeks after the funeral. Even just a little message of thoughtfulness can make a big difference on a hard time.
- Share Memories: If appropriate, share your own memories of the deceased. It can be comforting to hear stories and know their loved one is remembered fondly.

5. Suggest Professional Help

Grieving can be an incredibly isolating experience, and we know sometimes professional help is needed. Gently suggesting grief counseling or support groups, where appropriate, can be beneficial.

- Counseling Services: Provide information about local grief counselors or therapy services.
- Support Groups: Recommend bereavement support groups where they can connect with others going through similar experiences.

6. Respect Their Space and Pace

Everyone grieves differently, and at their own pace, and it’s important to respect their individual process.

- Avoid Pressuring: Don’t pressure them to “move on” or “get over it.” Let them grieve at their own pace.
- Give Space: While it’s important to be there for them, also give them space when needed. Let them know you’re available whenever they’re ready.

In Summary

Supporting someone through bereavement is about showing compassion, understanding, and where appropriate, sending meaningful sympathy and condolence gifts. Alternatives to flowers for sympathy, such as comforting meals or personalised keepsakes, can provide lasting comfort and practical support during this challenging time.

At Angel Delivery, we understand the importance of thoughtful gestures. Our range of sympathy gift baskets and condolence gifts are designed to offer comfort and nourishment, providing a meaningful alternative to traditional flowers. Visit our website to explore our options and find the perfect way to show your support and care.

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