Staying Connected from a Distance

Long Distance: Date Ideas to Keep you Together when You’re Apart

Long distance relationships and friendships can be some of the trickiest to navigate. They require a lot of trust, communication, and effort by putting in quality time. Date ideas for friends or partners who are apart can seem hard to come by, especially when we all know the obvious ones, such as phone or video calls. 

We have popped together a list of date ideas for long distance couples (and friends!) looking to invest in quality time together. Great ways to build connection and add fun and value to your relationship.

Send Each Other Letters. 

A blast from the past, hand-posted letters, or snail mail, are a great way to send something from the heart to your partner that they will really notice. Handwritten letters are personal and special; they show you took the time to think about them and write something just for them. They are a great way to mix up the habit of text messages and give your partner something tangible to hold onto when they miss you. You could even read the letters to one another during your date together. 

Go on a Museum Date. 

Many museums around the world have online virtual reality tours. You can “visit” the museum from the comfort of your home, with your partner just on the phone from their city. This is a great way to learn about history together, or bond over fascinating cultures and art. 

Gift an Angel Delivery.

If your partner or friend is out of town, you could send them an Angel Delivery package. Angel Delivery meal hampers are such a thoughtful gift as they include handmade meals and treats which are a lovely way to lighten daily stressors. They are a meaningful and practical alternative to flower delivery, as they are filled with yummy treats and ready-to-eat meals, delivered chilled and in beautiful gift packaging. You can also include a personalised note with the Angel Delivery package to brighten their day!

Read Together. 

This simple, sweet, and romantic activity is wonderful as it mimics the calmer daily activities you’d do if you were together. Read your own books together while on call. Share passages and quotes with one another and talk about the story.  

Cook Together. 

If you both have access to a kitchen, you could cook the same meal or recipe together while on a video call. This might take some pre-planning to ensure both have the all the ingredients, but it would be a fun way to spend time together, bond over food, and compare whose cooking is the “best.” Of course, you can eat your meal together after as well!

Movie Night. 

Apps such as Netflix Party are great for those who are apart to share a movie together - the movie can be played at the same time, on both person’s screens. So you can watch the same movie at the same time! Emulate watching the movie from the same couch by both grabbing some popcorn, drinks, and other classic movie snacks. 

Ask Deep Questions. 

Sometimes, even in long distance relationships, conversations can dry up. Apps and playing cards such as the 'Gottam Card Decks' app suggest a variety of questions to ask one another, from silly, to deep and meaningful. These will inspire new conversation and prompt you to get to know one another one a new, deeper level. 



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