Mother’s Day: DIY Gift Ideas for Those Feeling Creative

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it can be tough to find the perfect gift for these powerful ladies. If you are feeling crafty this year, and want to create her something personalised, customisable and add that additional touch of thoughtfulness, DIY gifts may be perfect for you.

We have put together a list of ideas to try for this Mother's Day to make your mother truly feel special.

Canvas Prints.

You can request custom print canvasses from print stores like the Warehouse Stationary. Choose a beloved family photo or a series of childhood photos to design a canvas that captures the essence of your family bond. Your mother can hang this on her wall, and it will be a daily reminder of the love you share. Or you could grab a blank canvas and paint her something yourself using her favourite colours. This is a great way to involve the little ones in your family.

Photo Album.

Bring together a collection of photos from her youth, or your childhood, or an array of family photos. There’s nothing like an album full of memories of family portraits, adventures, and everyday life for her to cherish forever.

Message Jar.

Fill a mason jar with little pieces of paper of post-It notes with special messages for your mum. Love notes, memories from your childhood, funny inside jokes you share, inspiring quotes. Whenever she needs a boost of positivity or love, she can reach into the jar and pull out one of your little notes written especially for her.

A Goodie Box.

Grab a shoe box, or any old box, paint it, and fill it with her favourites. Her favourite wine, chocolate, snacks, soap, sheet masks, and other body and skin care products that you know she loves.

DIY Bath Bombs.

With ingredients you’ll find in your pantry or easily at the store, this recipe is a quick, easy, and customisable to your mother’s favourite scents and colours. This recipe uses flower moulds. But you can use whatever moulds you have on hand.


Mason Jar Succulent Garden.

This is a great gift for the nature lover and the garden lover. Grab some mason jars, soil, and succulents, and create her a gorgeous little set that she can use to decorate and bring life to her kitchen windowsill. You could customise this project by painting the jars or adding ribbons and tags.


Watercolour Flower Painting.

Watercolour paintings are always stunning. If you feel like digging into colours and paints, follow the below tutorial to create a lovely piece of art that you could frame and gift to your mum this Mother’s Day.



Sometimes, food is the best DIY gift. This is a great way to involve the kids. Bake your mum her favourite treats, such as cookies or cupcakes, and pop them in a cute little gift box. You could always enjoy the treats with her over a cup of tea or coffee for some lovely quality time.


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