Mother's Day: Creative Ways to Show Your Appreciation


 Mother’s Day: Creative Ways to Show Your Appreciation

The celebration and honouring of mothers are ancient traditions. For example, the Greeks revered mother figures in their religion, such as in Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, and Fertility.

Mothers are arguably the foundation of love, community, and society. They brought us into the world, were our first best friend, and forever supporter. But it is no secret that motherhood can be a challenging endeavour, and it is important that we show how much we appreciate and love these strong, brave women this Mother’s Day.

There are many ways you can show appreciation to the mothers and grandmothers in your life. We are all familiar with chocolates, wine, and cards. But what about some more creative ways you can make her feel special?

Prepare a Brunch.

An at home brunch is a lovely way to show your appreciation. Delicious food, company, and relieving your mother or grandmother of chores and tasks is a great way to honour her and celebrate Mother’s Day. Grab a pretty bouquet of flowers for the table and make her favourite brunch recipe. Here are some ideas:

Eggs Benedict

If you really want to impress her, why not try making Eggs Benedict, with a homemade hollandaise sauce? This classic, yet delicious brunch recipe is versatile, and always a hit. Swap the bacon for salmon or mushrooms to make it pescatarian or vegetarian and trade the English muffins for hash browns or gluten-free toast to make it gluten-free.


Banana Bread

Another recipe idea for brunch is homemade banana bread. This recipe is nutritious and combines almond flour with wholemeal flour. Serve fresh and warm out of the oven with a cup of coffee or tea to truly bring a smile to your mother or grandmother’s face.


Cinnamon Rolls

If you’d like to serve something sweet that the whole family will love, try cinnamon rolls. Soft and gooey, these will also be a hit for Mother’s Day brunch.


Have a Photoshoot.

Dress up in your favourite outfits, and maybe even pop on a little makeup if you want to. Capture the moment in time by taking photos. You could have them professionally printed and put them into a frame or photo album for a gift she will cherish forever.

Treat her to a Pamper Day.

Nails, hair, facials, or massage. There is nothing like being treated like luxury. Pamper days are a great way to relax and feel amazing about yourself. You could even do the pamper day at home with your own nail polish, face masks, and hair treatments.

Send her an Angel Delivery.

An Angel Delivery care package is a great way to show your appreciation to mum, when you can’t be with her in person. With various giftbox delivery options to choose from, and customisable meals for preferences and dietary requirements, these care packages are a practical alternative to flowers as they fill your fridge and pantry with ready-to-eat dinners and snacks. Relieve her stress and to-do lists this Mother’s Day. They are a great way to remind her that she deserves to relax, too.

A Pizza Party.

This DIY idea is a great way to spend time with your mother and grandmother. Grab some pizza bases, or make your own, and fill small bowls with her favourite toppings. Grated cheese, veggies, basil, ham, olives, pesto. You could even pour her a glass of wine and listen to her favourite music as you make your pizzas together.

Painting Night.

This could be a follow-up activity from the pizza party. Grab some canvasses, paints, and brushes, and get creative with all sorts of colours. Sip yummy wine or tea, and dive into some deep conversation as you create art together. A great way to fulfil the love language of quality time.



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