Recipes Everyone will Love this Sunny Season

Summer is a time where everyone seems to come alive. Music is louder, the sun is brighter and warmer, and people are happier. With better weather, we love getting together with our families to spend time in the sun or the sunset! There is no better way to do so than with yummy food.

We have rounded up some of our favourite family-friendly recipes to try. These are great to share with the kids, with friends, and under the sun.

Mediterranean Salmon.

This salmon is the star of the show. It’s flaky, tender, and zesty with the lemon juice. Ready in 15 minutes, you will win over your family’s heart with this healthy, fresh, and light meal topped with colourful vegetables.


Green Goddess Pasta.

Pesto lovers, this one is for you. This herby, garlicky, creamy pasta sauce is ridiculously easy to make, customisable and doesn’t require exact measurements to be delicious. Grab your food blender, and throw all the ingredients in, boil some pasta and voila!


Slow Cooked Pulled Pork.

No one wants to cook in the heat or turn on the oven during summer if we can help it. This slow-cooker recipe is a great way to let your food cook itself. Fill bread rolls with the pulled pork and top with coleslaw for a meal everyone will love.


Homemade Ice Blocks.

This is a fun, sweet one the kids can help with. Not only do they look beautiful and colourful, they are a tasty way to cool down on a hot summer’s afternoon. There are so many flavours and ideas to choose from!


Grilled Bean Burgers.

Looking for a meat alternative or want to try a plant-based recipe? Bean burgers are a great substitute for your typical mince patty, and they are packed with protein. Cook these on the barbeque and serve them with your favourite condiments and toppings.



A BBQ is a classic summer feast, and great for hosting! With so much variety, everyone can enjoy such a spread. Include potato salad, kumura wedges, or coleslaw for fun and delicious additions to whatever meat or plant-based alternative you grill on your barbeque. Seasoning is always something to think about with a BBQ. This BBQ seasoning is versatile, aromatic and will work perfectly with ribs, chops, and chicken. It can be batch-made and served in an airtight container for future use throughout the summer season.


Thai Noodle Salad.

This recipe is plant-based, can be made gluten free, and ready in 30 minutes. It can work well for a meal during the week, or as a side dish when hosting. It is colourful, rich in vitamins from the vegetables, and peanuty. You can also customise it to add more protein such as chicken and adjust the spice levels to suit your family’s taste.


Watermelon Fruit Salad.

This fruit salad with a mint lime dressing is the perfect refreshing desert on a hot summer’s evening. Your family will thank you and wolf it down in minutes as it is so addictive and refreshing, from the sweetness of the watermelon to the tanginess of the lime.


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