The Newborn Haze: How to Really Help New Parents During the Newborn Days

Welcoming a newborn baby is an exciting time for new parents. There is nothing like a new addition to the family. But it can be the most challenging, significant change in new parents’ lives. They may be feeling nervous, vulnerable, overwhelmed, and likely exhausted.

As the family member or friend, it is only natural to want to help the new parents in our circle. We can make a difference in the transition by supporting their mental and physical wellbeing. But often, it’s hard to know the best ways to really help.

We’ve popped together a guide for things you can do to really help the new parents in your life.

Hire a Cleaning Team or Offer to Clean

In the chaos of bringing a newborn home, new parents may be too overwhelmed or busy to tend to the cleanliness of their homes. A clean home can help new parents relax and enjoy cuddling with and caring for their new arrival. You could also wash their bed sheets and run a load of regular laundry, so the new parents have readily available clean clothes. Although, be sure to ask for their permission first!

Send an Angel Delivery

These days, our friends and family are spread around the country, and in the ongoing social and economic impact of the Covid19 pandemic, visiting new parents in person may not be possible. However, you can still support new parents by sending them an Angel Delivery care package, like the popular New Baby Care Package. Prepared meals are a great, practical present to ease stress for new parents. This package is customisable for dietary requirements, and comes with 2 family meals, sides, treats, and a Muslin swaddle for the baby.


Offer to Listen and Provide Encouragement

In the haze and vulnerability of newborn days, new parents may feel isolated. Ask to pop by and make them a cup of coffee or tea. Your presence and listening ear can help them unload any emotional stressors. While many will want to pop over to see the baby, new mothers also need just as much love and attention to feel connected with others, and the wider world. It is important new parents have the chance to talk about things other than their baby; it is important to ask her how she is doing.

Don’t forget to remind new mothers of their strength, kindness, and beauty. Tell her how well she is doing. Words of affirmation can truly uplift her and remind her she is still her own person.

Offer to Run Errands

New parents will have a never-ending to-do list. You can support new parents by picking up groceries, diapers, or prescriptions. If they have any pets, you can offer to walk the dog, or feed and play with their cat.

Help them Sleep

With their permission, offer to hold and watch the baby while the mum or dad has a nap. Sleep is hard during those first few months, and any new parent will feel refreshed with a few hours to rest.

Remember, every parent is different!

Everyone has their own parenting styles and ways of coping with the change of a newborn. Be patient and allow new parents to navigate these challenges in their own time. Don’t have expectations or ask questions that may leave the parents feeling like they’re doing something wrong.

Be humble enough to support the new parents in their own path, even if it looks different to how you might do things.


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