How did it all start...?

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How did it all start?

We often get asked how Angel Delivery came about, so what better place to start our blog than sharing that story with you here.

Rebecca Cass, a paediatric nurse and mum of two, started Angel Delivery after she saw so many new parents leaving with bunches of wilting flowers when really, a home-cooked meal to go home with would have been so much more helpful.

Originally called Baby Angel, her new business saw Rebecca driving around Wellington with freshly cooked meals, along with her bucket and mop, set to help new parents out any way she could, on behalf of their friends and family.

Pretty soon the questions came rolling in - Could Rebecca help others too, not just new parents? What about people recovering from illness, or suffering a family bereavement? And so we saw the birth of Angel Delivery as we know it today - a nationwide business offering gourmet hamper and gift deliveries, delivered on behalf of friends and family around the world.

Angel Deliveries are still often sent out to new parents - but also to friends going through a rough time, families battling illness, on behalf of an employer wishing to express condolences to a colleague who’s lost a loved one, or for birthday celebrations, and anniversary wishes.

One of the most important parts of Angel Delivery has always been that our food is fresh, seasonal and local - and that has never changed. We are lucky to work with many wonderful chefs and artisan producers to bring together our gourmet hampers and care packages. We pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients and products. We love our local community of food providers and producers and strive to use locally sourced seasonal products wherever possible.

Our range of hampers is always growing as the team pop together new bundles and ideas - you can see the full current range at any time on our website under "All Hampers" in the menu above.

Like us, it seems everyone understands the healing power of food. As we say - if you can be there, get there. If you can't, send an Angel Delivery.

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