Winter Can be Bright: Here Are Our Reasons Why

Many of us dislike the winter or even complain about it. It can be a season notorious for colds and flus, and icy Monday mornings where we struggle to pluck ourselves from the warm cocoon of our beds.

But winter can be bright and cheerful. It can be a season full of fun, just like summer and spring. With crisp mornings and hot chocolates, there are so many reasons to love winter. We have rounded up our 5 reasons we love winter.

New beginnings

Winter, and the change in season, often represent the opportunity for new beginnings and change. You can set new goals, bearing in mind that they should be specific and measurable so you can track your progress. You could reflect on New Year’s resolutions and see if you are on track, or if you should make some adjustments to your strategies.  

Winter Wonderland Trips

Queenstown is a popular winter holiday destination in New Zealand. With cosy restaurants warmed by fires, and the piano man playing in the town square setting the atmosphere, it’s a perfect place to spend time during the winter. You could learn to ski or snowboard in the mountains or relax in the many hot pools overlooking the snow-capped peaks and icy lake. And nothing beats a frosty evening huddled by the fire in a pub drinking mulled wine while laughing with your friends or family.

Family Meals

Winter is the perfect time for family gatherings and meals. With the aromatic smells of spices filtering through the house, and a fire warming in the home's heart, food has a knack for bringing families together. Slow-cooked meals, stew, and heart pies will warm us up from the inside out and add to the cosy winter atmosphere. 

Alternatively, you could send a Family Meal Hamper from Angel Delivery to a friend or other family member. This can help them feel thought of and remind them you care during these cold months. The Family Meal Hamper removes planning and prep and can therefore, ease stress in their life. In return, gift giving will help you feel the warm fuzzies, knowing you have brightened someone else’s day. 

Getting Cosy

A cosy house and environment can bring joy in an otherwise grey season. Add soft throws and blankets to your living room. Light candles or add ambient lighting. Enjoy hot chocolates or warm chamomile tea. Evidence suggests chamomile tea has mild sedative effects, meaning it can help you sleep better. Wear warm fluffy socks and snuggle up on the couch to watch a good movie or your favourite show. We love that winter can be a season to pause and care for our soul.

Learning a New Skill or Hobby

We often spend more time indoors during the winter. It can be an opportunity to learn something new. Activities could include painting, pottery, sewing, baking, or journaling. Finding an activity during the winter can help us step away from our busy work schedules and just spend time with ourselves. Connect with our inner child and have a moment of peace. We can learn more about ourselves and what we enjoy doing.


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