Our Story

As a paediatric nurse and mother of Oliver and Emily, New Zealander Rebecca Cass has the inside story on the chaos that comes with bringing home a new baby. Certain that all new mums would give their right arm for a warm, nourishing meal and a sparkling clean house, Rebecca started Baby Angel, a bite-sized business that saw her preparing new mum care packages and travelling around Wellington in New Zealand with a mop and a bucket in the back of her car.  
What Rebecca hadn’t anticipated was the many calls from people asking if baby mamas and papas were her only clientele. Would she consider delivering a hamper to a friend who was going through a rough time with an illness? Would she prepare a meal on behalf of an employer wishing to express condolences to a colleague who’d lost a loved one? And what about birthdays? Or anniversaries? The response to the concept of a truly nurturing gift was immense.  
Ten years later Angel Delivery has become New Zealand's leading nationwide fresh food gifting delivery service, helping connect hundreds of thousands of families, friends, and colleagues during times of need.