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Introducing Angel Delivery Concierge+

Your free VIP personal assistant for seamless organisation.

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How It Works

Enter your important dates using our simple online form.

Choose your preferred reminder method (text, email, or phone).

A week before each date, our team will reach out with a friendly reminder.

Optional: Let us assist you in selecting a thoughtfully curated gift, complete with an exclusive VIP discount, and we'll ensure it's delivered to their doorstep in time for the occasion.

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your loved ones feel cherished, and you'll never overlook a significant date again.

Discover the Benefits of Concierge+

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- Personalized date reminders

- VIP gifting aid, featuring exclusive, tailor-made choices and savings

- Personalized in-person assistance

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We'd love to help make sure those you love always know how much you care.

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