Our Suppliers

We are lucky to work with many wonderful chefs and artisan producers to bring together our gourmet hampers and care packages. At Angel Delivery, we pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients and products. We love our local community of food providers and producers and strive to use locally sourced seasonal products wherever possible. Our menu is changed seasonally, with new and exciting items added from a board of fabulous and well-known New Zealand foodies. Here, you can meet some of our suppliers and get an insight into how they work with Angel Delivery...

Mela Apple Juice

We've been including Mela apple juice in our hampers since day one, and we love working with this lovely family-owned Kiwi company.

Tell us about your business? What do you make? Mela presses only the freshest, crunchiest New Zealand apples we can get our giant apple crushing hands on.  We are family owned and operated and we press our juice by single variety from 100% New Zealand apples.  In a response to a market heavily dominated by beverages containing added sugar and caffeine, Mela provides a healthy alternative.  Mela juices have no sugar added, are preservative free, and contain no genetically modified ingredients.

What is the most special thing about your products? We make our juices from   100% fresh pressed New Zealand apples.  We press by single variety so consumers can select an apple juice that matches their taste preferences.  Sweet lovers adore Pacific Rose juice and those with tangy tastes love Granny Smith.   We are 100% family owned and operated.

How long have you been making your products? 15 years.

What is your favourite thing about making your products? Being involved in all parts of the business, from pressing and bottling the juice to accounting to marketing and sales.

How did you come to work with Angel Delivery? We have worked with Angel Delivery for over 10 years back when the company was Baby Angel. Baby Angel approached us as they had tried and love our juice and the rest is history!

What do you like about working with Angel Delivery? Always friendly and helpful.  Fantastic communication!  We love knowing that our juices are going into boxes that make people happy when they most need it :)

Baron Hasselhoff's

A little sweet treat never goes amiss at Angel Delivery, so we love including Baron Hasselhoff's goodies in our hampers.

Tell us about your business? What do you make? We are a boutique chocolate shop dedicated to the craft of flavour and experimentation.

What is the most special thing about your products? What makes our products special is the attention to detail, each and every piece handcrafted. We work in small batches with a focus on using real ingredients and fascinating flavour combinations

How long have you been making your products? We began our business in Golden Bay 7 years ago, with the last three years here in Wellington.

What is your favourite thing about making your products? What we love about working the way we do is being able to move our production between what we have to do and what we want to experiment with, we have an amazing clientele who are supporting us in this process of our craft.

How did you come to work with Angel Delivery? Angel Delivery contacted us and after snooping around their media profiles we were certain they were a business that not only aligned with our philosophy but also had a great service to offer.

What do you like about working with Angel Delivery? What we love with Angel Delivery is that we can reach another audience and be a small part of someone's celebration, be it a birthday, wedding or the birth of a new born child.

Chef Simon Pepping - The Catering Studio

We're very lucky to have talented chef Simon Pepping as part of our Angel Family. Simon runs both the renowned Egmont St Eatery in Wellington, as well as his gourmet catering business, The Catering Studio. Simon's philosophy of fresh, seasonal and simple food made from scratch is a perfect match with Angel Delivery, and we love being able to include his delicious meals in our hampers.

Tell us about your business? What do you make? We are an independently owned and operated catering business based in the Wellington CBD, which also is the same site as our laneway all-day restaurant, Egmont St Eatery. We cater to all sorts of events, weddings, festivals, corporate events, as well as supplying various café’s and restaurants around town with baked goods, salads, sandwiches, soups. We also supply Moore Wilson’s in Wellington with soups, salads, ready meals, baked goods and bespoke seasonal products.

Our business is special probably because I work in the business and we like to do things properly. I identified a few gaps in the market when we started and had noticed many caterers “buying in” their food rather than making from scratch. This creates a lot of work for our team but we think it’s a sacrifice that’s worth it. Fresh, seasonal and simple is our tagline, and we do our best to stick to those principals.

We have just won “Outstanding Caterer” in the 2018 Felix Hospitality Awards and Egmont St is in the Cuisine Good Food Awards Top 100 restaurants in New Zealand. We have a won a few other accolades as well.

What is the most special thing about your products? Caring about the end product, customer and process to get there. We make almost everything from scratch and cook our food in a traditional manner while utilising modern techniques and practices. Having a solid team that are along for the ride and also are passionate about what we do helps.

How long have you been making your products? Since 2007.

What do you love about working with Angel Delivery? Partnering with a passionate business that’s providing a service to those in need, but also the fact that most of our products fit into the menu that Angel provides helps. The opportunity that Angel provides fits in with our business model and an area that has been growing for us for the last few years, and a direction that we plan to take the Catering Studio into the future.

Aro Bake

With a fantastic 30 year history in Wellington, we are very proud to have Aro Bake treats on our menu. Their owner Max sat down with us to share a bit about their business and what has made it so successful.

What do you make? We make it all, cakes, pastries, breads, biscuits, pies and lunch items.

What makes your products special? We use butter and not margarine, fresh eggs, fresh lemons... We don't flavour a generic cake mix, but make separate specific cakes of different types.

How long have you been making your products? Arobake has just entered its 30th year.

Why do you love what you do? At Arobake, we place the emphasis on the centrality of food - good baking, family and feasts. Embracing traditions passed down over the ages, as well as our own.

How did you start working with Angel Delivery? Rebecca from Angel Delivery was a fan of our products, so that's how we started working together.

What do you love about working with Angel Delivery? The idea of a cake or a meal as help to a friend is a great idea, we are very happy to be part of that.

Kapiti Artisan Bakehouse

The authentic hand made bread we use in our hampers is made the way bread was made in  Europe 200 years ago. Kapiti Artisan Bread is totally natural with no preservatives, no additives, no artificial ingredients. Authentic,  healthy and delicious bread made in Otaki.

What do you make? We currently have 9 lines, which are all handmade, additive and preservative free with all the toppings and flavourings made in-house. Every product is baked through to the centre and all that is needed is to bake at home for about 10 minutes. They are sold par-baked and chilled, and more recently frozen, and will last four weeks unopened in the fridge.

How did you start out? The Bakehouse was established in 2003 by David Winterbottom, a recent arrival from the UK. After working as a chef, pastry chef and baker in some of the world's best restaurants and opening his own restaurant at the age of 24, David caught the travel bug and fell in love with New Zealand and the Kapiti Coast. He started out sub-leasing a space, a little corner with a second-hand oven and mixer, and went from there. After taking a stall at the local market, he then started knocking on the doors of local cafes and restaurants offering to make products specifically for them. A move to hand-made par-baked bread that could be sold nationally followed, establishing Kapiti Artisan Bakehouse as it is today.

Why do you love working with Angel Delivery? Angel Delivery have been a wonderful company to work with, and we are so glad that we found each other.

Totara Cottage

Totara Cottage is an artisan producer and wholesaler of home made, delicious gourmet baking. We love included their special products in our hampers, especially around Christmas time. 

Tell us about your business? What do you guys make? We are artisan, gourmet bakers making sweet and savouy items.  Primarily we make biscuits and also savoury crackers.  We also make some chocolate based items such as bark and rocky road, and a few other cheeseboard oriented items such as fruit terrines and fruit salami.

What is the most special thing about your products? All our product is handmade in small batches, so it has a very authentic homemade flavour and look. We add no additives or preservatives and cook just like you would at home with the same familiar ingredients, just on a bigger scale. Many people say our products taste just like their mother or grandmother used to make and we know customers will pass off our product as their own home baking, and that's just fine with us!  However at the same time we like to be a little innovative and different, for example our Balsamic Cheese Crackers use Balsamic Vinegar and fried shallots to give a fabulous background umami flavour to what otherwise could be just another cheese cracker.

How long have you been making your products? We have been in business, on a very small scale for 20 years, and we have steadily grown since then although we are still a very small, hands-on business.

What is your favourite thing about making your products? We know we are making authentic, genuine products but we like to bring a little innovation to our range for a bit of wow factor.  We love it when people try our product and are surprised and delighted by the flavours.  The number of times we hear 'that's amazing' is very satisfying.  We really enjoy knowing we have many loyal customers who just love what we do.

How did you come to work with Angel Delivery?  We have worked with Angel Delivery for a number of years, on and off.  I can't remember how the relationship started but I think Rebecca the owner was a customer of ours in their private capacity and it grew from there. 

What do you like about working with Angel Delivery? Angel Delivery is easy to work with. They order in sensible numbers and order early so we can plan and work towards the orders which makes the relationship stress free from our point of view.  Plus I love the premise behind the meal delivery side of the business - anything to help busy and stressed families is great!  

We're also proud to include products from the following producers in our hampers:

  • Fix and Fogg
  • Lewis Road Creamery
  • Half-Baked Catering Co
  • Rutherford & Meyer