Giving Back This Christmas

Christmas is the time of year where many of us reflect on everything we have and express gratitude for our privileges and luxuries. However, it’s important to acknowledge that not everyone is as fortunate as us. By giving back to the community, we can help make someone else’s Christmas a little brighter and spread some joy.

Here are 6 ways you can give back to the community this year.

Support Small and Local Businesses.

It can be so easy to shop at large retail chains when hunting for Christmas gifts. But in the wake of the pandemic, small and local shops need our business the most. Shop for your Christmas gifts at local, independent stores. You never know, you might find some hidden gems you wouldn’t have thought about otherwise! 

Thank Emergency Services.

Remember, not everyone gets to take Christmas off. Those who work in hospitals, and the fire and police departments often have to work throughout this period, just like any other day. You could show your gratitude and appreciation to them by gifting them coffee vouchers, chocolates, baking, or Christmas cards.


Donate to Animals Shelters.

Non-for-profit animal shelters such as Gutter Kitties often nickname this time of the year as ‘kitten season’ due to the high number of abandoned, hungry kittens coming to their doors needing help. These shelters are often running low on animal food, blankets, and vet funds. There are plenty of drop-off points for these donations such as at supermarkets or the warehouse. Check their Facebook pages for your local drop-off point.

Gift Donation.

Auckland City Mission accepts gift donation for children from less fortunate homes. Given the cost-of-living crisis, this will be a tough Christmas for many families. You can organise with your community or workplace to donate gifts either by direct delivery to the Mission, or by dropping off at their locations.

Read more about it here:

Offer a Helping Hand.

It’s the time of year when people are burnt out and exhausted from months of hard work. Offer to help cook a meal, babysit, or visit an elderly neighbour, or ask to help clean a friend’s kitchen. You could even call a friend or family member for a chat. Any gesture of kindness or act of service can go a long way in supporting our loved ones make it through a stressful couple of weeks.  


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