Loving Local at Angel Delivery

Since we began over 10 years ago, supporting local artisans and producers has been a founding principal of Angel Delivery.

As our founder Rebecca Cass says, “It has always been a priority for me to support the local community, and source our delicious inclusions whenever possible from small local producers. I know from my personal experience how hard it is to get your vision off the ground, and supply contracts like ours, that offer regular and growing orders, can genuinely help your dream become a reality.”

And after the last couple of years, we know Loving Local is more important than ever - we are proud that our Care Packages are filled with goodies from local brands and suppliers, along with our comforting meals and desserts.

That way, when you order an Angel Delivery, you not only support your loved ones, but you're also supporting a treasure trove of small businesses from all around New Zealand. 

To celebrate our incredible country we're highlighting some of our favourite Local Suppliers from around Aotearoa and their stories…

Rutherford & Meyer

Our friends at Rutherford & Meyer are one of our newest suppliers - we have included their delicious fruit paste and 3-Seed crackers over our Christmas and Summer range. Their beautifully packaged Gourmet Snacks brighten up our Care Packages (and they taste just as good as they look!).

Two farming friends from North Canterbury, New Zealand were faced with a surplus harvest back in the summer of 1996. They got together to preserve their delicious summer fruits using old family recipes and turn the robust flavors into something truly sensational. Those first fruit pastes awakened taste buds, as well as long-forgotten food traditions, and set the stage for our full line of products and flavours.

You can find them in our New Summer Family Care Package, Cheese Please add-on, and our Cheese Lovers Gift Box.

Little Beauties

We have included Little Beauties in a few of our Care Packages over the years, our favourite is their White Chocolate Dipped Boysenberries - delish! 

Back in 2010 the Wastney family developed an innovative method of drying feijoas from their family orchard in Nelson, looking to send this treasure to friends and family abroad who longed for the taste of home.

They had such positive feedback that they decided to make these ‘Little Beauties’ available to everyone who share the same love for this taste of New Zealand. Their healthy range of flavourful and tasty snacks have since extended to many different flavours of fruit and are a staple in many Kiwi households around the world. 

Libertine Blends

Libertine Blends was born out of the search for pleasurable moments that nourish the heart and soul, by the Mother-Daughter duo, Nicola and Tara. Their desire was to create a range of organic tea blends that felt restorative, tasted delicious, and was the kind of cuppa you could indulge in on your own, or share with loved ones.

Their organic teas, herbs, and spices are selected for both their flavour and properties and are carefully blended to ensure each ingredient has a purpose in the cup. What has resulted, is a range of teas that taste as great as they smell and are as delightful to drink as they are beautiful.

Bennetto Natural Foods Co.

Bennetto Natural Foods Company was founded by Lucy Bennetto in 2010. With a desire to see first hand how the cacao beans were grown, Lucy travelled to the Dominican Republic. This was the moment she saw how ethical sourcing from an organic and Fairtrade cocoa supply was imperative to her values of making chocolate and how these practices not only improve lives but also the quality and flavour of cocoa. 

From the kitchen benchtop, Lucy then started refining chocolate using an Indian spice grinder. Many experiments later Lucy continues to develop new chocolate recipes. The majority of Bennetto chocolate products are hand made by Lucy and her team in Christchurch and distributed throughout New Zealand. You can find them in our Cheese Lovers Gift Box. 

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