Online Mother's Day Gifts

For so many of us this year we are unable to be with our Mums on Mother's Day. Taking them to lunch or bringing them a homemade cake (always the best!), is simply not possible... in fact, it's now against the law in some cases!

So this year we have geared up and prepared so we can help connect hundreds of New Zealand Mums with their families through food. Because after all, as we always say... Food is love.

View our Mother's Day Collection here.

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea $135
Freshly baked treats delivered to the door, including:
  • Four beautiful Petits Fours
  • A delicately soft iced cake, bursting with flavour
  • Ultra decadent moist chocolate brownie loaf
  • Four handmade bacon, kumara and corn quiches
  • Handmade English Breakfast Tea 
  • Fresh Mela apple juice
Mother's Day Treat Box $95
Packaged into a stunning bespoke gift box, and includes:
  • Ultra decadent moist chocolate brownie loaf
  • Buttery Passionfruit Shortbread
  • Rocky Road with fruit and nuts
  • Bennetto Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Bar
  • Two bottles of our favourite sparkling Raspberry & Lemon soda
  • Divine handmade English Breakfast Tea 

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