Our Top Winter Warmers (for the soul)


The Winter months can be challenging for everyone. With plunging temperatures and fewer daylight hours, it's more important than ever to look after yourselves and your loved ones.

This often means adding more layers, pulling out the old puffer jacket, or cooking up lots of soups and wholesome food (especially for us at Angel Delivery!). But don't forget about the warm fuzzies too; staying warm by doing good and sharing the love.



To help, we've popped together a round up of our top tips to warm the soul this Winter:

  1. Give your Nan (or Mum) a call
    Winter can be especially hard on those special elderly people in your life, they can feel more disconnected or unwell than usual. Making the effort to reach out to those loved ones once a week or so goes a long way to remind them that they are loved and thought of! Just a small effort but a big impact on those special people.

  1. Enjoy a hot drink
    Warming yourself from the inside-out is crucial during those cold winter afternoons and weekends! Enjoy a hot chocolate or hot lemon/ginger/honey drink – we like to go the extra mile to make it with the good stuff (lemons are super affordable at the moment). Try frothing or warming the milk separately for the a true barista-style taste - simply make a hot chocolate sauce (with a spoonful of hot chocolate powder and few drops of boiling water) and add warmed milk, then sprinkle a little hot choc powder on top for a finishing touch.

  2. Host a movie night
    Check out what's out online or dig out your DVD collection for some old faves, and make the time to relax and enjoy a guilt-free night in or weekend. Grab the blankets, wrap up warm, turn on the fairy lights, and put some popcorn on - make it special and share with a loved one or friends.

  3. Stay fit and healthy
    This can be a hard one for many people, especially with it getting colder – the motivation to get outside dwindles! But physical exercise is one of the best ways to look after your mind and body, even more so during winter. Ensure you’re all layered up and make the effort to do something as simple as joining your local yoga class or a walk up the hill (plus your body will thank you for a dose of vitamin D!).

  4. Make time for you
    Most important but often forgotten! There is only one YOU, so ensure you’re looking after your loved ones during winter, but don’t forget you are important too. Make sure you’re doing what you can to focus on yourself, show yourself a little kindness, and look after your mind, body and soul - they are all connected and equally important.

 Stay warm, Angels! xo

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