Recipes to Spark Conversation with Dad this Father’s Day


This Father’s Day, give back to your dad by cooking a meal or something yummy for him. A warm, hearty meal can be a great opportunity for quality time. Share a glass of wine, soak in the aromatic smells of the cooking, and catch up with your dad. 

We have rounded up some of our favourite, creative and interesting recipes to cook for Dad this Father’s Day. These recipes are tasty, yet simple, and will spark conversation as they are not just your typical roast! Show him your love and appreciation with one of these lovely meals.

Sticky Sesame Chicken

This meal is so delicious, it will compete with your local takeout. Easy to make, and prepared in only 30 minutes, this recipe is versatile, can be easily doubled. You can bulk out the meal by serving it with your favourite greens such as broccoli. This meal will hit the spot with your dad!


Hungarian Mushroom Soup

This soup is rich, robust and will become a favourite upon your first spoonful. While this recipe suggests Hungarian sweet paprika, the sweet or smoked paprika sitting in your spice rack will work just fine. This recipe is perfect for the cooler spring nights and will fill the kitchen with earthy smells as you cook it in only 20 minutes. Serve this soup with fresh slices of bread for a delicious meal with you Dad. This soup freezes for up to 3 months. So, you can even send Dad home with a container for his freezer.


Garlic Sesame Noodles

This recipe is vegan and can be made gluten free, perfect for sensitive stomachs. Ready in only 15 minutes, it can be changed to suit taste palettes and only calls for a few ingredients. Yet it’s super tasty. Enjoy this yummy meal with your dad.


Classic Homemade Burgers

Sometimes nothing is better than a big, juicy burger. This meal can be easily made vegetarian or vegan by swapping beef patties for veggie patties. It can also be made gluten free with gluten free buns. Add your favourite toppings and condiments for an easily personalised meal to suit your dad’s preferences and taste. 


Creamy Garlic Shrimp Pasta

This recipe will make a perfect family meal for Father’s Day. This buttery dish, with garlic infused shrimp will make our dad’s mouth water. Even though the recipe is simple, and only requires 15 minutes to cook, your dad and your family will think you have gone to a fair effort. It’s that good! This recipe is also versatile and can be made gluten free, switching to gluten free pasta.


Chewy Brownies

What better way to finish a Father’s Day meal then with brownies and a cup of tea? This recipe only takes an hour, and results in chewy, chocolatey brownies. You can also alter this recipe to suit your dad’s sweetness sensitivity. You could also send your dad home with a container of the fresh brownies to add an extra sparkle to his days following your time together. A great way to bring a smile to his face!


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