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What a great idea and service!

Thank you so much for the easy ordering and great product range. What a lovely idea!

Fabulous Food

I sent the food to my niece and her family who were not well.She is a great cook and was very impressed by the flavours and presentation of the food.I would highly recommend angel delivery.Thanks so much from an Aunty who could not be there sadly to help out.

meal delivery

The recipient of the meal delivery said it wasn't as good as the previous gift from Angel Delivery. The lasagne was all meat and no pasta. Everything else in the meal pack was good!

Our thanks.

I have used your wonderful service several times & have been delighted with the response from the various recipients. Today, when you delivered to our eldest daughter in Rangiora, she cried. The family have been unwell with the flu & this was a lovely way to let them know we are thinking of them, & care for them. Thank you for what you do. It’s an amazing “pick me up” when life is difficult. Gabrielle Jones.

Family Meal Hamper (a complete evening dinner for the family)


My sister enjoyed her gift and the food was perfect

Care Package

Excellent service thank you, will use you again.

Covid care package for out of town family

Wanting to support my sister, brother-in-law and their two kids but unable to go visit Angel Delivery is the best. The first package I sent I added the ginger honey tonic which was met with rave reviews. This is the second parcel, I wanted to add a soup but sadly they were sold out. Great communication from the company and ten out of ten would recommend to others. I work in a customer facing role and think that Angel Delivery do their job very well.

Angelic delivery

The recipients were thrilled with their fast angel delivery. The food was very tasty. Would definitely use again.


Great service and the recipient loved her meal!


I have been sending Angel good parcels for the past few years to loved ones during covid. When you can't be there in person - this is like a big warm food hug. So thrilled to have found them. Brilliant company, brilliant food, brilliant value for money! Doing Angels work 🙏

Sympathy gift for friends

This hamper was extremely well received by our friends who commented the kids really loved the meals, not to mention the extra treats. Thanks Angel delivery!


got it as a gift from an awesome friend and the food is just amazing!!!

Excellent service. Thanks

Was surprised to find it was made in the same street we live on:) wish we had known as probably could have saved on the cost if delivery and arranged someone to collect. I messed up with our order, going for the family size Care Package, for my husband and I but it worked well as feed the 2 if us for dinner and then leftovers for the next days lunch. Very helpful when we both sick with Covid!

Care package

I have sent 3 care packages to family & friends who are battling cancer. They loved them & such a practical gift of meals at a time when they didn’t feel like cooking. Also a useful idea for people in need, when you wonder how you can help.

Lincoln Family

Wonderful service . My family enjoyed the Care Package. They were totally over the moon relieving it .It arrived on time and in great condition , thank you .

Helping Hands

I've sent Angel Delivery parcels a number of times over the past few years and have been super impressed with the quality of the food and service. Those I've sent to have been very appreciative and say the food is great. I would send more often if there were a larger variety to choose from when sending to a single person. Many thanks and I look forward to using Angel Delivery again.

Excellent Service

There was potentially a large delay in delivery due to rural delivery times and long weekends - I got in touch with the team and we sorted a work-around easily. End result: my clients got their care package soon after, they loved it, and it helped them out at a difficult time. 10/10 recommendation from me.