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Angel Delivery Express
Gayle Stichbury
Best experience ever!

I ordered a sympathy gift and the total experience including the quality of the gift, was excellent. Best experience ever and I highly recommend this business.

Pass it forward

I received an angel gift box just after I had given birth, it was so beautifully packed and the meals were delish and so easy to chuck in the oven, exactly what I needed with a tiny newborn to care for!
After having such a nice experience with the gift box, I was super excited to send one to someone, the chance came up recently after a lovely friend had to undergo some surgery. It meant so much being able to send her something I knew was going to be so helpful especially when I couldn’t be there to give her a hug in person.

Easy and Convenient

I really like the ease of Angel Delivery. My friend received her packages and her and her family absolutely blown away and so grateful. It arrived at a time when they needed it. They didn't have to worry about cooking etc and could focus on other important things going on in their lives.

I also love the ability to add a personalised message, so that they knew that we were thinking of them. It was particularly good because not everyone that the box was from was able to be in town. It let the family know that although some of us couldn't be there we were still thinking of them and supporting them in other ways.

Sunshine & Goodness Care Package (with Fresh Flowers)
Gaille Hopkinson
Great product

Such a great website and easy to order from. Very well presented and total communication straight away!

When food says we care more than just flowers

One of our staff recently had a bereavement so we sent him a care package so his family didn't have to worry about cooking for a couple of nights. It was a hit with his entire family! Compliments to the chef!

A bundle of Love!

Sometimes when we can't be there Angel is the best way to show we care. They loved the chicken pie 🥧. Thanks!

Great Birthday Gift

Flowers, chocolate and cake beautifully presented for a special birthday - my mum was delighted thank you!

Main Event
Divya Dayal
The right support needed at the right time

This was a very much needed package for a colleague. Having some meals in the freezer really makes a difference when going through a tough time.

Perfect Option

When you're not sure what to send but want it to be more than just flowers, this was the perfect care package: a hug in a gift.

Main Event
nikki Barrett
Great idea, great gift , great help

A help parcel full of healthy dinners was just what my overworked daughter needed
Thanks Angels

Main Event
Catherine Leonard
Amazing box!

We received one of these boxes from a family friend, and the meals were delicious, nutritious and decently sized. It was beautifully packaged, an amazing koha during a time of need. I recently decided to send one to a friend going through a difficult time - which they loved. It was delivered on time and the communication was awesome - highly recommend

Summer Blooms & Treats Gift Box
Carron Cossens
Flowers and goodies

Such and easy process to order. This time I sent a posy cake and meringues. It was delivered on time despite the pre Easter rush. The recipient was thrilled with both packaging and the products. Such a joy

Summer Blooms & Treats Gift Box
Annemarie Hooper
A Wonderful Surprise!

My client was not well with Covid.

So I decided to send what looked amazing on your website!
Flowers and goodies just on time!
My client said

‘It was a wonderful surprise,
I cried and you have made my day!’

Thank you so much for helping me cheer my client up 😊

Main Event
Becky Sutorius

Sent it to ailing grandparents, they really loved it

When nothing else will do

We had special friends with a difficult time going on, we couldn't be alongside them and be there for them. Angel Delivery provided the love, nurturing, and provisions we would have done if there ourselves. Thank you Angel Delivery you made their week.

Made my sisters day

Arrived perfectly in time and my sister was absolutely thrilled on her birthday after having a really hard week


Sent my niece the chocolate raspberry with candles for her birthday. She loved it and said it was really yummy. Very happy - thanks Angel's

New Baby Care Package
Renata Lardelli
4th trimester care package

A delightful gift for a new mama - easy to order, delivered on time, nourishing food for the 4th trimester. X

Individual Main Event
Marilyn Welch
5 Star in all respects 🙏💕

A beautiful service you provide.
The recipient of Angel Delivery was overwhelmed, as was I when I received an Angel Delivery last year. For me it was wonderful to be able to ‘Pay it forward’ to
someone else who was much in need of an ‘Angel’ arrival.
Thank you - Marilyn

Main Event
Melanie Marshall

Dad loved his 80th surprise. Said Gateau cake was beautiful and meals were perfect size for him. Arrived next day early morning and I was kept notified.
He cried at the personalised card even before he saw inside xx

Main Event
Philippa Davis

Main Event

Main Event
Jacqueline Frazerhurst
Absolutely amazing

I mistakenly entered the order date for a week later than I actually wanted it, I rang on the day I thought it would be delivered only to find my mistake, The ‘Angel ‘ I spoke to told me not to worry and that they would have it delivered to a town in the Waikato the following morning, and they did!!!

Angel Delivery - always a delight!

As an Executive Assistant working for a large company, I'm in need of reliable delivery services. For years now, Angel Delivery has been my go-to choice, and for good reason.

From the moment I place an order, I can trust that they will craft a package that exceeds expectations, tailored perfectly to suit any occasion or recipient. Their attention to detail is impeccable, ensuring that every item included is of the highest quality and thoughtfully curated.

Regardless of the destination or the complexity of the order, I can always count on them to deliver right on schedule. This reliability is invaluable in my line of work, where timing is often of the essence.

The communication provided by the Angel team is amazing. They keep me informed every step of the way, providing updates on the status of my order and promptly addressing any questions or concerns I may have.

I recommend Angel to anyone in need of a reliable and delightful delivery service.
Thanks :)

EASTER SPECIAL - Buns & Blooms Gift Box
Lou Mcrae-Shepherd
Always a treat

I have done many flower surprise gifts for friends or family over this past year, its so easy and I hear nothing but happiness as a reply. Thanks for making beautiful bouquet's and delicious baked goods, and sharing in this unique gift giving

Birthday flowers and chocolates

Awesome products very quick and easy to order definitively using again!