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Angel Delivery Express
Angela MacDonald
A god send

This service is an absolute life saver when someone you love is in need of some extra care. It is such a beautiful box to receive, well packaged and the meals all sound so comforting and nourishing, the perfect home cooked meal sent with love.

Main Event
Di Harper
Happy Angel Delivery Customer

Great service and food

Incredible service for whānau

Angel delivery was easy and fast, I had great feedback about the chicken pie and caramel slice, my whānau absolutely loved them! Such a great option for sending a care package to family while living overseas.

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Liz Bell

Sent to a colleague who is ill and was well received by the family. This company goes well above and beyond to bring joy to families and friends. Would recommend to everybody - only wish I was on the receiving end

Outstanding product.

Stunning service, delivery, range of options and products, highly recommend.

Outstanding care package

What an amazing company you are. So easy to order, amazing products and beautiful presentation. The recipients were thrilled.

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Cathy Taylor

Ordering and delivery is always easy and straightforward..thank you!
Family and friends who I sent packages to were truely grateful and thought the food was delicious!

Excellent Gift Pack

First time i have used this website and amazing response, great products will use it again, and recommend to other

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Bridget Laycock
Amazing food and service!

We had three meals delivered when our newborn baby was out a few weeks old. The meals were delicious and it was so great having healthy meals that we didn’t have to prepare while our baby was so little. Thanks so much Angel!

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Maree Gillespie
Awesome yum


Better than flowers alone

A colleague of my husband recently had a bereavement & he asked me to send flowers however, I sent them an Angel Care Package with lots of treats. They were absolutely blown away by the contents of the care package and enjoyed the contents for days. Thanks, Angel Delivery!

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C Reddie
5 star

Service, food, delivery was amazing, fast and delicious. Used them twice in one week! Love

Amazingly easy delivery , easy

Good variety of goodies to choose from on line, the flowers from photos from the person I sent them to looked fresh and lovely colours. I wanted to add a candle but couldn’t figure out how to do this online .

What a special gift

A lovely and thoughtfully curated gift to send to someone. They were thrilled to receive a special parcel. Thank you!

Delicious and so appreciated

Having received an Angel Delivery before when we had our own baby it was a no brainer to purchase for a colleague. Actually having a delicious meal simply be heat and eat was a game changer for us and for them!

Main Event
Christie Smith
Practical care

My little nephew had an accident as I live in the South Island and couldn't take time off work to help out this was the most practical thing I could do. It was so appreciated and the food was tasty with very generous helpings - arohanui Christie

Lovely service

Very efficiently done and delivered, and much appreciated by the recipient.

Streamlined service & assistance

I am delighted to use the 'Angels' as they always deliver beautiful food and gifts.

My recipients were throughly impressed by the excellent quality of the food on arrival. The care taken and attention to detail ensured it had remained nicely chilled and secured in its packaging. Package arrived at destination in the timeframe promised and all delivery instructions were carried out.

Angel Delivery Express
Rebecca Mehrtens
Great for new parents

An easy service to send some food to new parents. Useful and yummy.


Totally amazed with this company, service 10+ delivery 10+ food 10+ packaging 10+ what a pleasure it was to deal with your company, we would highly recommend you and will be telling all our friends and co-workers and family, truly impressed

Anniversary Perfection

I received a care package myself from Angel Delivery and it inspired me to use Angel Delivery to send an anniversary present to my parents. They absolutely loved the flowers and cronuts. Made their day!

Say love with flowers

I’ve used Angel Delivery before for meals, but never for flowers. The feedback was that the flowers were absolutely beautiful.

Perfect gifts

I use Angel Delivery regularly. Such beautiful meals (and now flowers), that go down a treat. I’ve also been the recipient of a meal pack, and can confirm that quality is top notch. Thanks Angel Delivery!

Pick Me Up...

I was impressed with the service and replies from Angel Delivery. I did have a concern but they were friendly and helpful and made it right! Highly recommend. My receiver was truly grateful for the meal! Thank you